akam1k3 presents: "StianSicky's OLD vs NEW" #5


OLD vs NEW #5:
Yurr, wednesday again and a new round of ''Old VS New''. Today I got a little threat for all of you fans who really dig great mc's. Nas VS Elzhi? No, it's not a wet dream. Elzhi is in my top3 of my favourite mc's. Earlier this year he released his tribute/cover-mixtape to NAS, ''Elmatic''. It's easily one of the best EP's this year, and in my opinion it's one of the best mixtapes I've heard in a few years. The track Elzhi will battle NAS with is It ain't hard to tell from Illmatic, a classic produced by Large Professor. NAS is currently working on a new album, but is keepin' himself in rap-shape with features on tracks and music videoes, recently seen in his own video ''Nasty''. No further introduction needed, let's get in to it.

(skip to 0:16)


This got to be the hardest one so far. I'm sort of blinded by being a Elzhi-fanboy right now, but he's version is fantastic. Will Sessions and the live instruments gives the NAS-classic new life. Elzhi is steady with the flow, and his lyrics are less complicated and easier to catch up with, which makes the track integral good. The NAS version is ofcourse a classic. It got a much harder bassline and another energy to it, and it's a landmark in eastcoast hip-hop, actualy, the whole album is. And it's not even worth the time to analyze his lyrics, they are over our heads. What it comes down to is my personal preference, and i'm struggling to decide a winner. I think I will call it a draw. Nothing can replace the track a young and lyrical gifted NAS made in 1993, but Elzhi's version is the closest we will ever get. Maybe NAS should take Elzhi under his wings? I think it's strange that NAS haven't paid Elmatic any attention, it's the best remake attempt he and we will ever hear. I'm looking forward to a new Elzhi and NAS album, RIP J Dilla & Baatin.

What do you think!?

Photo: Hanna Olsen