akam1k3 presents: "StianSicky's OLD vs NEW" #6


OLD vs NEW #6:
Today I've picked out a duo from the legendary GangStarr Foundation, Group Home (consisting of Lil Dap and Melachi). The track I choose is from their classic album ''Livin Proof''', it's called Supa Star and it's produced by none other than DJ Premier. Premo produced all of the joints except two, which Guru and Jaz-O produced. Supa Star is also featured on the game GTA IV and Supa Star landed at #85 on the Billboard Hot 100 singles. The contender of the day is an up and coming 21 year old rapper from Visionary Music Group, Logic. He's probably not known to the common rap-fan, but he's on his way up. He released his mixtape ''Young Sinatra'' two weeks ago and the response has been major. Let's compare these two different acts then.


I think I got to go for Group Home this time. The feeling and the message is a lot different to Logic's remake, the youngster did a good job creating a new version of the track, but the Group Home track has been a favourite of mine for years. Nobody can mess with Lil Dap, he provides that oldschool/gutter sound everytime he's on a Premo-beat and the hook is dope. Logic got that good fast-flow and good lyrics, but he's version gets a little bit ''hectic'' and it doesn't have the same feel as the Group Home version. I gotta give him props for the metaphoars, and for doing all the work with all his tracks himself(mixing and mastering ++). It seems like creatings remakes is a trend now, if it is, then I think it's a good trend. Kids can discover the originals, and that's never a bad thing.

What do you think!?

Photo: Hanna Olsen

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