Christer Opsann for Active Challenge!

The homie Elias told me about this, and I need you to check it out as well:

There’s a competition coming up, and you can help make a difference. Christer Opsann, a Norwegian cyclist needs your vote to beat the Sweeds on the 27th of October.
What you need to do is to give him 2 seconds of your time by clicking this link, and better his chances to make the Norwegian "national" team.
Click on this link: and push “stem” to participate!


For all Norwegians, this is no less than mandatory, and to all the people out there in the world, that loves, biking, Norwegians, or simply wants Norway to beat the Sweeds, make the difference!

We count on your vote; it’s almost a matter of life and death!!
For further information please visit