akam1k3 presents: "StianSicky's OLD vs NEW" #7


OLD vs NEW #7:
Yesyes, back at it. The two tracks I've picked out today samples one of my favourite soul-tracks from the 70's, The Spinners magnificent tune ''I'll be around''. It's been used atleast 15 times by known-rappers. My oldschool contender of the day is Rappin 4 Tay, a pretty known 90's-mc who made his debut on Too Short's album ''Life is ... Too Short''. He got 11 releases on his back, two of them this year, so he is still' doing it for the west. He's also been featured on one of 2Pac's albums. The contender of the day is a 23 year old up and coming rapper/producer from Santa Monica, Azad Right. Even though he released his debut-EP in February this year, he's been around for a minute. He's been rapping since the age of 14, and done warmup-acts for people like Method Man & Redman, Kendrick Lamar & Jay Rock. The track beneath is from his latest mixtape ''The Time Is Right''.


Rappin 4 Tay got the G-Funk spirit, and serves us a really important message. Being convicted and seeing the wars on the streets, he explains and asks how can the youngin's grow and forfill theire dreams when the environment and media's focus is on how many people got killed today? I think the beat fits the theme of the song well, and 4-Tay got a flow that fits the beat perfectly. I also dig the usage of the sample, and the sample actually being the hook. Azad Right got a whole different approximation to the song, his version is more like a tribute to his friends and his girlfriend. Azad Right's ''angle'' gives the track another feel, this is more a summer-anthem, while 4-Tay got a ''all-around-the-year''-feel. I like the production on Azad's version better though, but I think it's a bit short, and it's should have consisted of atleast one more verse, maybe a feature? So, I got to give this one to 4-Tay, but it's a close one. I love how many newschoolers is bringin' back the soul-samples in the music again, it's too much non-creative synth-beats flowin' around. Thumbs up for both 4-Tay and Azad Right, who got a bright future ahead.


Another westcoast interpretation of this sample from 1995, from the mc Nine's album ''Nine Livez''.

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Photo: Hanna Olsen

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