akam1k3 presents: "StianSicky's OLD vs NEW" #8


OLD vs NEW #8:

Woopty Doo! Today I've picked out two kinda different artists. One of them is in my top 3 of up and coming artist, the other one is a hip-hop legend and the king of grindin'. Kendrick Lamar and Jay-Z, two names you should know. Kendrick was a XXL Freshman last year, and relased probably the best mixtape of the year(Section 80.). He's currently working and helping out Dr. Dre with Detox(aka the album we will have to die to experience), and working on his debutalbum. He's a living proof that the westcoast is really coming back to the rap-scene again. On the other hand, you got Mr. Mogul Jigga. He's catalogue speaks for itself. He been doin' this for over 20 years, but he didn't release a debutalbum before 1996, which is considered a classic now. I wonder if he ever gonna quit .. He probably will, but I think he always will have something to say and stay relevant in the rap biz, like Russel Simmons. But i pray to the G.O.D. that he and Beyonce will NOT make a friggin' TV-show about their'e life and the upcoming baby their'e having ...



Well, I have to admit I don't like either of the tracks that well. I think it's one of Kendrick's weaker songs, and the hook is kinda exhausting. I remember the first time I heard this remake, I was hoping for a ''Kendrick touch'' on the hook, but it never came. Jigga got the original, the original which has been played over 5000000 times on the radio and TV. He's version is more ''professional'' though. His flow and the lyrics fits the beat better, and Alicia Keys are always gonna bring it. However, I like that bootleg-sound Kendrick got on his version, and I like his specific flow. The theme and the descriptions on the Jay-Z version is more well-rounded , but I think it's a boring track and the ''ending'' of the rhymes Jigga kicks sounds weird. I think I'm gonna give this to Kendrick Lamar. He's ''history'' is more interesting, and he's not doing all the compulsory bragging that Joe ''Camel''(Jay) does + the synths gives it a extra touch. It's not a superior victory though ..

What do you think!?

Photo: Hanna Olsen

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