The chronicles of Frelsersarmeneren x akam1k3 Vol.XIII

He's baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack! Thank you, I enjoyed it. Good to have you back sir.

Frelsersarmeneren vol. 13:

Walking that walk, one foot in front of the other, just put on my pants the same way. Guess what I’m saying is that days go by, and suddenly I’m walking that walk. Like a carrot and the light at the end of the tunnel, I finally caught up with my shadow, it’s time to get my luck on, Luke! I’m not the king of the nightlife, but I surely could pass as a duke, finding wisdom in the bottom of each bottle I’m getting my philosophing on. Feeling the ideas growing like corn in the fields it’s straight up DiCaprio perception inception up in this mother. The weekend is about to set its tolls, the feeling is welcomed with open arms, the wider they open, the higher I raise my glass, mom and dad are so proud of their prince charming. Like a blossoming flower I feel the week’s pressure leaving my shoulders, fully stretched I’m free again. Like sunflower peddles my hands reaching for the stars on the previous blue sky, the roof is long gone, somebody must have raised it. Since I’m doing the storytelling it’s safe to say that tonight’s hero is yours truly, guess it has to me modified if we’re supposed to be telling it truthfully. Surely I was the center of attention, I’d only hoped it would be for other reasons than my commotion. Once and always the class clown it’s hard to get grown, familiar with frowning faces upon my arrival, guess haters gone hate. Time to wrap up this retrospective close caption of this weekend’s shenanigans. People say that threes the charm, so here I am walking that walk. The bus is about to become this royal passenger’s carriage to the esteemed castle. I’m not that good at math but if threes the charm, times two means a lot of fun? Guess there were something wrong with my solving, then again, I’ve never been any good at solving equations with an unknown denominator.

I’m out the door, gone now, a little ashamed but still faster than Mr. Cage. Don’t be ashamed Mom, I’m just misunderstood. Safe to say that Saturdays attractions becomes Mondays …

The only upside to this is that the weekend is closing up on us, can’t wait!

- F.A