The chronicles of Frelsersarmeneren x akam1k3 Vol.XIV

Frelsersarmeneren vol. 14:

Eyes wide shut but I still see it. Mind in another place but I’m still aware of it. So comfortably relaxed, yet stressed out. The week has snuck up on us like a hunter on its prey. As terrifying as the lions roar, there’s no doubt left in anybody. It’s go time. I failed to close the curtains yesterday, and now I’m paying the price. The sun is about to make its way up, and with it follows the gruesome red or orangey light. Awful. The bedroom is filled with this lava-like color leaving me no choice but to wake up. Why, why, why?! Siting up, the last shred of the safety zone evaporates. No longer warmed by the southing comfort of my pillow and /dyne/ I realize that much like a failed romance with a former friend, that’s just one of the happy places I won’t be able to revisit again.

Up and about there is nothing stopping me, but to rise and shine is a lot harder. Back in the days there was so much to look forward to. Cartoons, Frosties, and even a soccer match before school, all I have to wake up to today is a disappointment in comparison. Oatmeal, and a grey wall where the TV is supposed to go, there’s just no fun in growing up. When I come to think about it, there’s no fun I growing up. Suddenly the bills carry your name on it, the fridge-ferry stops visiting with groceries, given that the tooth fairy is M.I.A as well, they probably fled together.

To grow up is literary being the bigger person. I even got a t-shirt saying “Rise above it.” How lame is that? Acknowledging the problem should be the first step towards complaining about it, right? There’s no surprise that the electrical bill comes every three month, but I damn well would like to complain at little at the rates that I’m paying. Take this as an example. You work hard to party hard. You work hard to buy something nice for yourself. I neither got a dollar or a dream, my back is brick wall free but given what I paid for this jacket I’m going to wear it all goddamn night. The point is that we like to exhibition the things that we use our time getting our self. Some things are easy to showcase, like shoes, cloths, gadgets or gold diggers if you are fortunate enough. Other things, call them the essentials if you like, are hidden goods that drain the accounts empty, leaving you nothing to show for. If you feel obligated, or bound by the shackles of adulthood to rise above, I feel sorry for you son, I have 99 problems and I’ll damn well tell you every last one.

This is a cold world, so you better find something to warm yourself on. If ignorance is bliss, then life should be like a walk in the park. Ignorance is synonymous with being carefree, a highroad to happy. So given that ignorant people are happy, their bound to smile a lot and here’s the drumroll; smile to world, and the world smiles back at you. I’m as ignorant as the next one, somehow I find myself stuck on the on to the next one. If I have to grow up to evolve, how can I stay ignorant, ‘cause I’d like to stay carefree, with the world smiling to me. Wouldn’t you? Guess I’ve got to leave this rebel-without- a-cause life and make something of myself.

Fresh out of the shower I’ve got to stop these ramblings; it’s a beautiful day and works up. Time is money, and the meter is running. Time is irrelevant, but money isn’t. I’d rather be care and money free in the land of opportunity, than a bum with a broken back in the land of the almost free and not so brave. I feel that the Peter Pan syndrome is growing in me, so I’ll leave you at that. I wish I could fly away, not. Hold your ground soldier, the bills are soon due, and if that isn’t enough; Christmas and the gift tyranny is upon us. Be sure to smile a lot wider now, that ish might turn haters into addicts!

All I want for Christmas is snow and a temperature way blow cold, guess that’s too much to wish for!

Grinch, out!

- F.A