Lemâitre or Emilio?

They are both in the running to get a spot in the P3 Urørt Finals 2012. Its our time to VOTE! They are both great, it would actually be awesome to see them both work together. However I gotta go with my brother and group member. I have seen him work his butt of this past year, and I truly believe he deserves it. He deserves to show Norway his talents, and hopefully use all our support to bring him even further places. The song he is competing with is no other than, the song that made him Ukas Urørt, "Lock You Down":

VOTE FOR EMILIO, it will only cost you 1 Nkr, vote as many times you want as well:

Text a SMS: U 2 send to 1987

Thanks in advanced. BAWS! Please help us spread the good word as well!