Tailors Advent Calendar 2011 1/4

Here is the first round of the "annual" Tailors Advent Calendar. Like last year they will give us Christmas gifts through music every Advent Sunday, all they way till Christmas. This time around its even bigger and better, and the line-up is pretty sick. Can't wait to hear them all! Good times for sure. You already know Tailors got their ish on lock. So every Sunday there will be released two songs; a more uptempo one, a so called "Dagen" song, and another song called "DerpÄ" which will be more darker. Below you can see the trailer for the Calendar:

by Johannes Greve Muskat

And here are the songs this time a round(FREE DOWNLOAD):



Tailors x J.Bayou (artist formerly known as NAME) - She's Gone


Tailors x Jae-R - Pour it up

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