X-Mas with akam1k3: December 12th edt.

Alright alright! The winner of the x-mas calendar is... *drumroll* *drumroll*....

Is no one again. Hah. Nobody got it right. But its cool. Some were really REALLY close, but no cigar. However have no fear, I'll just add Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays gifts with todays awesome gift. Even better right? Ah yeah! This is going to be crazy.

Task of December 12th:
So its going to be the same as last time however we are adding 1 more question so; 6 questions, and if you answer these 3 right you might be picked as the winner. I'm picking two winners for this one, especially because the gifts are bigger now

Questions: And I'm adding some hints too, since its obviously to hard... hah.

What is my major, what do I have a Bachelors degree in? (Hint: Basically everyone got this one right)

Which Air Jordan shoe(which number) do I like the best(at this moment)? (Hint: Only one has got this one right, its the Air Jordan that I first played basketball with, a Jordan between 5-10)

What is the name of the club that I live in? (Hint: Basically everyone got this one right)

Which countries have I visited this year(name at least three)? (Hint: Easy, but add more countries for your own good... if you know about more that is)

How much did we raise with the "We LOVE Oslo" tee? (Hint: Only one has got the exact amount right)

And here is the last question; Name two idols of mine (Hint: Pretty easy, especially by looking at what I wear and stuff like that...)

So by using all these hints, you should easily have a BIG chance of winning!

Send all answers in one comment with your e-mail on it. Good luck!

December 12th.

Happy Holidays, akam1k3!