X-Mas with akam1k3: December 2nd edt.

Alright alright! The first winner of the x-mas calendar is... *drumroll* *drumroll*....

I asked 5 random people on Facebook to say a number between 1-59, because there were 59 comments, and they ended up with; 46,20,59,25,28. And the average number of those 5 numbers is (46+20+59+25+28)/5= 35.6 which means that comment 36 wins, which is; Cath aka cathrinefollness@live.com !! Congrats. Send me an e-mail with your address on it, and I will ship you your price asap! Thanks to everyone for joining the fun. Much appreciated, don't give up. Btw.. thanks for the kind comments as well, and thanks for the funny ones.. hah. You guys are awesome.

Only the first price of many, and like I said... the prices will differ. Sometimes its this, sometimes its that. You will never know... Keep it up!

Task of December 2nd:
Since its a weekday, I will still keep the tasks easy. I have thought about a number between 1-100. For real I have. I'm even writing it on a text to my mom, so you can see the date and time when I did it. Hah. All you gotta do is guess it. Write below on a comment. Whoever guesses it first(or closest at the end of the day) wins a prize. Good luck! (Oh yeah. 1 number guess per person) Add your e-mail in the comment as well!

December 2nd.

Happy Holidays, akam1k3!