X-Mas with akam1k3: December 4th edt.

Alright alright! The third winner of the x-mas calendar is... *drumroll* *drumroll*....

A lot of nice comments, and I should just let everybody win, but I don't that many prices. Hah. However I did decide to pick to winners instead, a winner and a runner-up.

Runner-up: Anom that said she read the blog because she liked turtles. Hah. That was awesome!

And the winner is: SindreWo who wrote a lot of nice compliments. But the thing that made me pick him is because he mentioned BAWS, that he liked to see our come up. I like it too! Thanks for the support b!

Both of you send me an e-mail with your address! Congrats to you both!

The third gift. We be switching it up for the weekend. Nice, very nice. "Bigger" and "better" gifts to come. Keep joining the fun!

Task of December 4th:
Hmmm.. simple simple again? Alright. I love GIF's. Post a link to the coolest/funniest gif. you know of. Simple as that! Hahaha... I can't wait. I'm laughing already!

December 4th.

Happy Holidays, akam1k3!