X-Mas with akam1k3: December 8th edt.

Alright alright! The seventh winner of the x-mas calendar is... *drumroll* *drumroll*....

The task was to guess the number that I sent to my mother which was a number between 1-100. And the number I thought off was:


Nobody guessed the number, however the person who guessed the closest was.... Simen_saltnes@hotmail.no ! He guessed 57!! Congrats to you! Send me an e-mail with your address on it, and I will ship you your price asap! Thanks to everyone for joining the fun. Much appreciated, don't give up. More prizes!

HERE YOU GO! Hope you like the gift! Enjoy!

Task of December 8th:
I like to laugh. So I'll make it easy. All you gotta do is make me laugh. Make me laugh by putting up a comment with you e-mail and the funniest fun fact ever(including where you found it). I will double check if its true as well(google) haha.. Good luck!

December 8th.

Happy Holidays, akam1k3!