BAWS Ent presents: Aon - Cupid Sprøyte (Music Video Trailer)

The time is almost here! In the meantime feast your eyes on the trailer for Aon's upcoming music video. The song is the Urørt recommended - Cupid Sprøyte, which also was the song that made him "Urørt of the week" some weeks ago. A different kind of music video produced by the young Pål Helgerud (Photofilmatics). Big ups to you sir! B A DUB S!

Haven't heard the song? Listen to it -----> HERE (urørt)

And download the mix tape "Hvem Er Aon?!" ------> HERE

Aon - Cupid Sprøyte (trailer)


Can't wait to present it all this week. Tuesday April 10th is the date you will find it on the site!