Cezinando - "Cez 4 Prez E.P"

"Cezinando is a 17 year old, Oslo based rapper. His solid flow and playful lyrics, alongside backing from a high-profile production team, has slowly started to get attention in the norwegian urban market.

Cez dropped his debut EP May 1st, a set mainly produced by Skylab (known for their platinum selling single "Stjerner" by Karpe Diem), but also features beats from Anno Domini, French Beats and Egil Ellevill. Bankmenn emcee M.O. and Kristah Rhymes also features on the vocal side on one track each.

Despite his young age, Cezinando has a lot of live experience from venues across the country, including Norway Cup 2010, Ski VM 2011, Musikkens Dag 2011 and the Lebara Summer Tour 2011.

The cover art is hand-drawn by Larsen at SinnsykShit.com."

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