Young E - Bondegutt (Wild Boy Remix) (Music Video)

"If you don't know who Young E is, then let me explain. Young E is a rapper from Telemark, a place between the two big cities, Oslo and Kristiansand. A countryside, compared to these big cities. “Bondegutt” – meaning farmer boy or countryside boy, is a remix of “Wild Boy”.

When MGK released “Wild Boy”, it came out as a banger. All I did was make a Norwegian rendition. The reason why I made a remix of the song is first and foremost, because of the beat, produced by GB Hitz, made me jump out my seat. And the remix of it with 2 Chainz, Meek Mill etc. had me even more hyped. I like to make bangers that make people lose their head and go rampage, in the form of jumping around like lunatics. So doing a remix of this crazy banger seemed to me as only a fair way of starting it off.

I’m in the process of making a mixtape, and I’m also on the “Gatekunst 5” album that is being released by Universal Music Norway, so be on the look at for that.

Watch the Thomas Pedersen directed video to Young E’s “Bondegutt”, a track of Young E’s soon to be released mixtape." - Young E