Kråkesølv ftw!

The Unstad brothers, half of Kråkesølv.

Kråkesølv. A really talented band that I've been really fortunate to get to know the past year. Talented, funny, and really down to earth people. The first time I heard them, was when they did their awesome cover of Karpe Diem's Snøhvit, and after that I've heard more and more!

Check out their Karpe Diem - Snøhvit cover below:

Kråkesølv - Snøhvit

Very very nice huh?

Some time ago they dropped their third album, "Alle Gode Ting".. check out that as well---> HERE.

Below is the video for their single "Stødig som en bauta"

Kråkesølv - Stødig som en bauta

Be also sure to check out the song they made with Karpe Diem - Støv. Probably one of my favorites on that new album.

Karpe Diem - Støv (ft. Kråkesølv)

Indie rockers in a livingroom from "India". We Out heaaaa!