Sensei Rydis blurbs

One potato, two potato, couch potato

It’s been a very long time since I sat down in front of the computer to do anything constructive. Mike used to nag at me to deliver some writing pieces to him, but lately he has been preoccupied doing him, and that leaves me with no one to really kick my butt in a critical, but constructive way. The sad part is that while he is off somewhere taking pictures of something (usually awesome something’s), I’m too busy sitting on my ass watching sitcoms and eating sugar-covered gelatin. I’m basically feeling sorry for myself, for being lazy. And that’s pretty fucking sad. It’s no wonder people start to loathe themselves, when the very reason they feel bad, is the fix they need. With a few exceptions, I dare say my generation can chalk our collective demise to the deadly sin of sloth. Our great war is a spiritual one, and we have naught to discover but some sea with crazy amounts of pressure and some space with indefinite amounts of vastness.

But on the other hand, in this space age, we are one of the first generations truly blessed with the possibility of growing up with more physiological resources than we could ever ask for. This leaves time for reflection, and maybe “The Great Gatsby” of our time will be delivered unto mankind soon. What I’m basically trying to convey, is that we have endless possibilities ranging from career to culture and intellectual property, and that people have to start working towards relevant goals instead of operating inside the borders our parents and peers think are still relevant. Our safety is a privilege, but if there’s one thing that’s good about silly new years resolutions, it’s that they lay foundation for a promise of growth. And if there’s one thing the world really could need, it’s progress from us all. Obviously we won’t all cure cancer, and not everyone can reanimate the feat of creating a masterpiece such as “Casablanca”, but we all have a small forte we can hone in order to become something bigger than what we were in 2012.

So on a final note, I wish you all the best for the New Year. From matters of love to your dead end job to your overprotective mom, you’re nonetheless blessed regardless of how ungrateful you choose to be. You can always feel sorry for yourself and come eat some sugarcoated gelatin with me, but remember that I just wrote this text, putting myself out of my own misery. I produced, and so can you. It doesn’t have to be something huge, and it doesn’t have to serve purpose, but make sure it serves you in some sense. Learn a skill, read a book, touch up your job-résumé or just have fun. Try to be so content that you manage to wake up in the morning with only a single alarm on your phone. I know a guy who has a timer on his washing machine, waking up to the gentle cacophony of 1400 rpms just to make it to work on time. Does that sound like a forecast of the rest of your 2013? Hope not. Have a lovely year, and I wish you all the very best!

Sensei Rydis needs 8 alarms on his phone, so what the does that tell you about hypocrisy?