BTS pics @ Sam. - Grand Hotel videoshoot

Got to snap some pictures during one of the locations during the making of Sam.'s new video "Grand Hotel". Big ups to everyone involved! Stubberud! BAWS! Check out the pics, and check out the video at the bottom:

 photo DSC_8275_zps4fbff733.jpg
 photo DSC_8293_zpsecbf4378.jpg
 photo DSC_8297_zps64d93f9c.jpg
 photo DSC_8298_zps272a1261.jpg
 photo DSC_8300_zpsdfa90aef.jpg
 photo DSC_8304_zps606f1d49.jpg
 photo DSC_8311_zpsf1184e83.jpg
 photo DSC_8323_zps06ed787a.jpg
 photo DSC_8325_zps8fbbe016.jpg
 photo DSC_8402_zps3599600a.jpg
 photo DSC_8339_zpsb07cd0cf.jpg
 photo DSC_8355_zps98150465.jpg
 photo DSC_8357_zps84b07efd.jpg
 photo DSC_8358_zps28550186.jpg
 photo DSC_8361_zpsb404b6d0.jpg
 photo DSC_8363_zps1d13daf1.jpg
 photo DSC_8364_zps7585f811.jpg
 photo DSC_8367_zps686351fc.jpg
 photo DSC_8378_zps60bacb26.jpg
 photo DSC_8385_zps23dbe997.jpg
 photo DSC_8401_zps273117ff.jpg

Sam. - Grand Hotel