Breakfast run a la Texas

Oueff.. I miss Austin, Texas. It was truly an awesome time. I really loved the food.. hah. I was looking through some pictures and then I saw the time me and some of the guys went for a breakfast run, and the only things open were fast food joints.. Hah! Super win for me! Haha. Good times. They had a Wendy's, KFC, and a Taco Bell right next to each other. I couldn't decide what to get, so I just went all out and got something from every spot. BOOM!

 photo DSC_7959_zps95a3f68d.jpg
Festival mode.

 photo DSC_7961_zps564783d4.jpg
 photo DSC_7965_zps037b9e8d.jpg
Party room members still going strong.

 photo DSC_7967_zps8aa9d88f.jpg
 photo DSC_7969_zpsa3d218a1.jpg
 photo DSC_7978_zps63299a51.jpg
Haha.. dumpster diving.

 photo DSC_7985_zpsf409083e.jpg

 photo DSC_7988_zps3504b625.jpg

 photo DSC_7991_zps539432f8.jpg

 photo DSC_7995_zpse941ac92.jpg
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 photo DSC_7999_zpscaffc859.jpg
 photo DSC_8001_zpsd1dc8c59.jpg
 photo DSC_8003_zps6f82ec76.jpg
 photo DSC_8005_zpsa53ab309.jpg
 photo DSC_8006_zpsa8c77c85.jpg
Winning. Popcorn chicken, baconator, fries, burritos. Heaven!

 photo DSC_8009_zps8940458a.jpg
Free Pimp C. You know your in Texas when its written everywhere.