Chocolate covered bacon! & bugs!

Now thats candy for you! Hah. While in Austin we had to try some crazy stuff. And indeed, we tried a lot of weird stuff. Bacon chocolate and bugs were some of that stuff. Hah. The chocolate covered bacon was actually pretty good. Sweet and salt at the same time. For you Norwegians, you can compare it to the Smash candy but softer. Hah! Good times. Big ups to Basse and Frode for joining the fun!

 photo DSC_2146_zpsfc7d342b.jpg
Heaven. They had everything! Old school candy, new school.. haha everything!

 photo DSC_2135_zpsf38cc169.jpg
 photo DSC_2136_zps51e938b0.jpg
 photo DSC_2137_zps6129c1ec.jpg

 photo DSC_2142_zps426fbb22.jpg
 photo DSC_2144_zps00421ab3.jpg
 photo DSC_2140_zps15fb9511.jpg
 photo DSC_2157_zps98eb3855.jpg
Very nice.

 photo DSC_2149_zpsde46f1e2.jpg
 photo DSC_2153_zpsd3f1cb58.jpg
Real dried out bugs. Hah!