ILOVEMYMOM! x great food!

On the 11th of April the women that I love the most in this world had her day! The lady that has given me life had her birthday..hah! Good times! I've had to much to do, so I haven't got to post the delicious birthday feast we had. Thanks for everything, and thanks for being you! LOVE YOU MA! YOU DESERVE ALL THE BEST! I'll try to not be a pain in the arse! We ate at SüdØst Asian Crossover;

 photo _DSC6426_zps2831045e.jpg
Fried scampi and mango salad.

 photo _DSC6428_zpsa157b9d3.jpg
 photo _DSC6429_zps0422cbe1.jpg
Asian Carpaccio.

 photo _DSC6430_zpse28f84bb.jpg

 photo _DSC6431_zpsfece8e0c.jpg

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Happy MomDay!

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 photo _DSC6453_zps60c1d1a6.jpg
Beef sirloin with noodles.

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 photo _DSC6441_zps3df44df1.jpg
 photo _DSC6451_zps6538766e.jpg
 photo _DSC6456_zps4d847672.jpg
Crazy duck with pancakes!

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