Kwack kwack kwack @ Mathallen

A few weeks ago I finally got to try the duck sandwich at Mathallen. People have been telling me that I should try it, and finally I did. It was pretty good! But it was even better to chill with the big homie Pilip again! Good times. Thanks for ze good company bro!

 photo _DSC6248_zps4c790809.jpg

 photo _DSC6243_zpsfcfb0a43.jpg
 photo _DSC6244_zpsea5a333d.jpg
 photo _DSC6245_zpsd656b42f.jpg
The duck sandwich! With mustard and rocket! Very nice. Should've added some hot sauce, and we would've been better! Hah.

 photo _DSC6249_zpsdbffa381.jpg
A lil extra snack. Tapas!

 photo _DSC6253_zps70f3d152.jpg
 photo _DSC6255_zps6d31eb17.jpg
He the biniiizzzz mayn!