Chillin' at ze BAWS HQ.. Listening session +++

The other day some of the peoples of BAWS met up at the studio to talk about some of the happenings that we will have in the future. New music, parties, photo shoots, interviews, merchandise +++++. One of the really close events that will be poppin' off soon is Aon's new project. Good times ahead! Even better was the fact that we finally got to hear the songs, and luckily for us the good peoples of SMS Audio blessed us with headphones to hear it with! I like. Can't wait till all of you guys get to hear it, the homie Aon has worked very hard, and its easy to tell! You make us proud bro! B A W S! Here are some pictures from the "listening session";

 photo _DSC7792_zpsb183ba07.jpg

 photo _DSC7794_zps9abb6e92.jpg
Always working.

 photo _DSC7798_zpsa39ad569.jpg
Good times.

 photo _DSC7800_zpsa19f2739.jpg
 photo _DSC7804_zpsb0ad79cb.jpg

 photo _DSC7808_zpsf80e253d.jpg
 photo _DSC7819_zps105861b0.jpg
Video editing.

 photo _DSC7827_zpsabf6236c.jpg

 photo _DSC7813_zps78f5095a.jpg

 photo _DSC7816_zps5534b95a.jpg
 photo _DSC7883_zpsac0a0562.jpg
Happy Boy.

 photo _DSC7820_zps6ce64633.jpg
 photo _DSC7888_zpsc847fa03.jpg

 photo _DSC7821_zpsce5729de.jpg
Coming soon!?

 photo _DSC7825_zpsd5e1797e.jpg
Stylin' on'em.

 photo _DSC7832_zps95789997.jpg

 photo _DSC7837_zps61161871.jpg
Pt. II.

 photo _DSC7877_zpsc34c72e0.jpg
 photo _DSC7843_zpsfe90e443.jpg
 photo _DSC7842_zps5a555085.jpg
 photo _DSC7809_zpsd2a514f6.jpg
 photo _DSC7884_zpsb4154947.jpg
 photo _DSC7850_zps60f3de64.jpg
 photo _DSC7852_zps3a05072b.jpg
 photo _DSC7880_zps866e2e43.jpg

Good times. Always.