Wow. What a historical day it was for me last Friday...

A couple of weeks ago, Niclas who is The Hundreds seller in Norway, told me that my biggest inspiration of all time was coming to Oslo! At first I was really stoked, but when I heard the date of arrival, I almost died. Hah. They were coming the day I was going away. Dang!

However, it worked out. It turned out that my departure wasn't until later that evening, which meant that I could hangout and at least meet them for some hours. THANK GOD! Everyone who's been reading this blog knows who I'm talking about, and this post is already old news for you guys. I would've written about it earlier, but I haven't had time, and it hasn't really sunk in yet.. hah. It was just too surreal.

So yea, last Friday I finally got to meet and really chop it up with The Hundreds. A brand that I've been following since forever. Probably almost a decade now. I've been basing so much of my work and inspirations on their work. I've used The Hundreds to learn so much about street culture and everything that goes in it. Bobby Hundreds, one of the founders, is probably the main reason for me ending up buying a DSLR camera. Thanks sir! The way that the brand is so humble and eager to teach the youth about the culture is so admirable. Thanks for everything!

On Friday me and Niclas, met up with Bobby, Scotty, BMO, Patrick and Zach of The Hundreds. Finally got to chop it up! We showed them a bit of the city, then we sat down at Delicatessen to eat. Very very nice. Niclas is an awesome host.

I really find it hard to write this post, because I really don't know how to explain my feelings. All I know is that I'm forever grateful for everything The Hundreds has taught me and done for me. From just making me look fly.. haha, to posting some of my stuff, to just inspiring! During our short meeting, they asked me if I officially wanted to join the team, and be one of their international voices. BOOM! I WIN! Finally I get to work officially with my biggest inspirations. This is going to be so great and exciting. Good times ahead for sure. THE HUNDREDS NORWAY FTW!

Here are some pictures from the hangout:

 photo _DSC9008_zpsc3e258d8.jpg
Picked them up at the train station. Scotty, Bobby, Niclas.

 photo _DSC9012_zps727cd44f.jpg
Hotel lurkin'.

 photo _DSC9015_zps38a34771.jpg

 photo _DSC9019_zps337855da.jpg
Patrick, Scotty, and B.Mo stoked about Oslo?

 photo _DSC9020_zps8a06980f.jpg
 photo _DSC9025_zpsd1343144.jpg
Clique. Hah.

 photo _DSC9027_zps15cc854f.jpg

 photo _DSC9028_zps9f9f33fd.jpg
I know I'm weird, but it was dope to see him shoot. Hah.

 photo _DSC9031_zps199d36c0.jpg
 photo _DSC9035_zps42e4ac4b.jpg
 photo _DSC9039_zpsdcafbea7.jpg
OsLove x TH.

 photo _DSC9034_zpsc8a4b8bf.jpg
Niclas! Thanks for everything. Without you this would never happen.

 photo _DSC9043_zpsc6aa3404.jpg
 photo _DSC9048_zps6d81718f.jpg
 photo _DSC9047_zps97981d16.jpg
Waiting game. To bad I had to go before the food was there. So good there! Can't wait to check out Zach's edits from Oslo!

 photo _DSC9052_zps4a938f51.jpg
Thanks again sir. I can't wait to get work done!


This is crazy. I guess its true.. if you really go in to make something happen, and work hard for it,.. then it has to happen.. it just has too..! MIKEITHAPPEN.