Lars Vaular x akam1k3

Took some pics of Lars Vaular when we both were in Molde for the jazz festival. Here are some. Pics from the concert are up soon!

 photo _DSC6454_zpsdc1a3bf1.jpg
 photo _DSC6456_zps1a031d7a.jpg
 photo _DSC6466_zpsf2040238.jpg
 photo _DSC6448_zps4e422fcf.jpg
Lars Vaular, Molde, 2013

Can't wait till "1001 HJEM" drops. Thanks for letting me take pics of your concert in Molde. I like! It was really different live sound compared to the other concerts I've been too, but I can dig it! Big ups! Thanks again!

 photo _DSC6507_zpsd933c33f.jpg
Concert pics... coming soon!