Screw the rain, I'mma get my Air Jordans! FIRE RED III edt.

No gig on a Saturday, and I'm still up early? Must be a Jordan release! YUP! You already know. This time it was the much anticipated Air Jordan Retro III FIRE RED! Been having a pair, but so happy that they came out with a new one, so I could get a back up.. heh.

Stress Karl Johan was the spot to be in the morning, and people knew about that. Already at 8.15 am, two hours before opening, there were like 8 people there. Thats a lot of people for a small town like Oslo. And it wasn't only the same faces.. Hah! Big ups to everyone for "camping" out. Good thing the awful weather didn't start until right after.. hah. After the McDonalds breakfast tradition, everyone got their pair.. I think, and there are actually a few pairs left. So if you haven't got yours, go get'em! Big ups Emma and her crew at Stress for making sure everything when smoothly! Good times.

Can't wait till next release! See you all there!

 photo _DSC4908_zps62a5d58c.jpg
 photo _DSC4910_zpsbbde820a.jpg
Early birds.

 photo _DSC4913_zps9391287f.jpg

 photo _DSC4916_zps4740e505.jpg
My cousins know whats up.

 photo _DSC4917_zps010a617a.jpg
More fire.

 photo _DSC4920_zpsc579b387.jpg
YUP! He finally made it in time.. hah!

 photo _DSC4922_zps408971d3.jpg

 photo _DSC4923_zpsb154b6ac.jpg
Need those.

 photo _DSC4927_zps00454c97.jpg
Rain couldn't stop the peoples!

 photo _DSC4928_zpsed3a6513.jpg
Game time.

 photo _DSC4931_zps6c808eb2.jpg
 photo _DSC4933_zps7a7e6853.jpg
Happy campers.

 photo _DSC4934_zpsdd55a4cb.jpg
Some also copped some Playoff 8's while at it.

 photo _DSC4936_zpse5709247.jpg
 photo _DSC4965_zpsd52550da.jpg
Good times.

 photo _DSC4951_zps9a0f8138.jpg

 photo _DSC4960_zpse9de3990.jpg
And out they go!

 photo _DSC4941_zpsb5ad5b85.jpg
 photo _DSC4963_zps856b233d.jpg
 photo _DSC4975_zps199d4dda.jpg
More happy campers!

 photo _DSC4949_zps9f7d49de.jpg
S/O my GodDaughter!

 photo _DSC4970_zps9f445c7a.jpg
Number 1 pusha!

 photo _DSC4973_zps3dfa1381.jpg

 photo _DSC4978_zps40f5e386.jpg
Screw the rain, get yours!

See you next time!


S/O to MoMoney who dropped bands on two puurrrsss..brrrrr

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