Another day, another dinner. Hah.

That's basically what I've been doing the past days. Working - way too much - and then eating. At least I'm getting some food in my system. Hah. A couple of weeks ago, I barely had time to sit down and eat. So I'm not complaining, not at all. It's even better when you can share the feast with people you like. Yesterday, after work, I met up with Agsss and Andrew to catch some Rice Bowl. Good times. Number 14 forever! It was awesome to hangout and just chill. I like. Big ups to Andrew and his project with Eye Emma Jedi! Keep it up, and lets get some work done..together! After dinner I had to work a bit, but luckily for me they joined me back to the crib, and they made dessert while I edited pics. Very nice. Thanks guys for a good evening!

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I like that you brought your cam out!

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Satay and shrimpballs.

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Good peoples.

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BROWNIES and ICE CREAM. S/O to Jasper! Club Apartment feast soon!

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Good company.

Bonus: Later that night cAndy dropped by to show me the new AMAT├śR collection. BOOM! A storm is coming, but MTHR NRTH gotchu! November 15th! BOOM!

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