Finally Oslo's favorite street wear brand is out with a new collection! And today is the release of it! You can buy it online at on the 18th, or at Hunting Lodge on Saturday the 16th. Or you can get yourself to Sound of Mu (Grünerløkka) tonight at 7 pm to purchase it early from the head Amatør himself. Good times! Ricky Late and Ollis will be playing as well.

This collection has 5 tees, a long sleeve, a scarf, a cap, and a bucket hat! Very nice. You already know Oslo is still the inspiration.

Below is the lookbook that i shot last week. Thanks for letting me be a part of this good sir! S/O von Cheese, Camilo and Arif!

 photo Mothr_North_1_zps5a4a8154.jpg
 photo Mothr_North_3_zps9a213c3d.jpg
 photo Mothr_North_4_zps3d57d745.jpg
 photo Mothr_North_2_zps83f174de.jpg
 photo Mothr_North_5_zpsacfa7055.jpg
 photo Mothr_North_8_zpsfe4343b3.jpg
 photo Mothr_North_10_zpsedccedfd.jpg
 photo Mothr_North_9_zps13c7794c.jpg
 photo Mothr_North_6_zps2ef27148.jpg
 photo Mothr_North_7_zps0eb379d6.jpg
 photo Mothr_North_11_zps2a3d4d3c.jpg
 photo Mothr_North_12_zps2a80a5e7.jpg
 photo Mothr_North_13_zps3dd9446e.jpg
 photo Mothr_North_zps592bd71c.jpg