Good times! Been missing lurking in Oslo

The other day, Thursday to be exact, I had rather eventful and awesome day. Started it with some work at The Metric System office, where Chirag, Magdi, people of Aschough, and me, hangout with Are and Even to finalize the book. We even got in sample version of the book that day. Crazy! It was surreal to see it. Good times ahead. November 21st, #DØDTID in stores!

 photo DSC_3529_zps354e6fdb.jpg
"Put that in! Take that away! What if? Maybe we should!? Hmmm" Hah. This is going to be awesome.

 photo DSC_3541_zps2cb52b27.jpg
Thank you Are! And of course Even!

 photo DSC_3537_zps8e49a43a.jpg
 photo DSC_3544_zps0da24ff6.jpg
Flippin' through the sample.

 photo DSC_3568_zpsae3bc373.jpg
November 21st. The TØRN UP is real.

Later on I met up with the homie Sam to make some plans for a new project. It's always awesome to see the crew doing their thing and constantly growing in their craft. It had been a while since we hung out so it was cool to catch up as well. Can't go wrong with a lunch steak at Jensens Bøfhus... Hehe.

 photo DSC_3578_zpsb27aa6ad.jpg

 photo DSC_3581_zps25331194.jpg
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After lunch we met up with my Agency brothers, Zesh & Trilly, and basically we ended up going back to Jensens Bøfhus for another round hahah. Losers. But full. Win.

 photo DSC_3600_zps0232d736.jpg
 photo DSC_3612_zpsa6096c35.jpg
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Dope boys.

 photo DSC_3623_zpsc3bc8257.jpg
Round two.

 photo DSC_3626_zps1f3e20a3.jpg
Screw you.. hah!

The day wasn't over yet. Met up with my parents and Mimi who stays SWAGGIN'. Met up with the de Claro's for some PS3. Then finally I capped the day with a late dinner with Jaz at the Torshov HQ where I crashed the night before leaving for CPH.

 photo DSC_3632_zps6b35fd71.jpg
Ze de Claro's.

 photo DSC_3638_zpse79346d5.jpg
Dad on that BAPE and Supreme tip.. Hah.

 photo DSC_3642_zps606eeeaf.jpg
Mom on that vintage Evisu.. hahah.

 photo DSC_3645_zpscc0ce99a.jpg
Stays floral, matchin' that Murakami.

 photo DSC_3656_zpsbf8224e1.jpg
 photo DSC_3659_zps130f6f72.jpg
San Remo forever.

 photo DSC_3667_zps5dd6f52f.jpg
Good peoples. Grace, Boey, and Agsss!

A rather good day I must say. It feels good to be able to hangout again in Oslo. I've actually been missing it…