Sneakers Banquet CPH

Wawawawewowo! This was so dope! It reminded of the good'ol days in Las Vegas where we had sneaker conventions almost every other weekend. Good times! All the sneaker stores in CPH had stands and they all had great prices on their sneakers and clothes. There were a lot of collectors there as well. They were selling their gems for dirt cheap. If I only had the money, I would've had all my grails after the weekend.

Hopefully we can do something this big in Oslo one day.

S/O to the sneaker community of Copenhagen.

Here is a huge picture recap:

 photo DSC_4071_zps6ec9efdd.jpg
 photo DSC_4073_zps8472d240.jpg
 photo DSC_4074_zpsc91cbbfd.jpg
 photo DSC_4085_zps3076bbd2.jpg
 photo DSC_4087_zps270cfd17.jpg
 photo DSC_4088_zps9d3686d5.jpg
 photo DSC_4090_zps78c88774.jpg
 photo DSC_4091_zps5cc4fd0d.jpg
 photo DSC_4092_zpsc5f569e0.jpg
 photo DSC_4093_zpsc726e837.jpg
 photo DSC_4098_zpsd9743dd9.jpg
 photo DSC_4102_zpsf7349422.jpg
 photo DSC_4103_zps92632c3b.jpg
 photo DSC_4105_zps1f734183.jpg
 photo DSC_4107_zps691eb918.jpg
 photo DSC_4109_zps2be96505.jpg
 photo DSC_4111_zpsd194202f.jpg
 photo DSC_4121_zps2de6c66b.jpg
 photo DSC_4122_zps45e5ac3c.jpg
 photo DSC_4124_zps9e6d7406.jpg
 photo DSC_4126_zpsc1d90c80.jpg
 photo DSC_4129_zps0b2ec816.jpg
 photo DSC_4132_zpsab303bfd.jpg
 photo DSC_4140_zps76b9127d.jpg
 photo DSC_4138_zps5b644e71.jpg
 photo DSC_4142_zps068bcd80.jpg
 photo DSC_4144_zps153c0279.jpg
 photo DSC_4147_zps13f76c6e.jpg
 photo DSC_4154_zps583382f2.jpg
 photo DSC_4117_zps64964698.jpg
Sneakers Banquet CPH