TGIF - Thank God I got so many good FRIENDS.

Thank God I got so many good FRIENDS.

Friday was an awesome day. Not only was it Friday, but it was a day filled with good times. Woke up, and did some slight work with Pilpip at Blender Agency. After that I treated me for lunch at Nighthawk diner. BOOM! GOOD TIMES.

 photo _DSC9532_zpsc817f230.jpg
 photo _DSC9534_zps2032ca9d.jpg
 photo _DSC9535_zpsbed32a79.jpg
 photo _DSC9544_zps274a6a5a.jpg

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Later on I chilled at everybody's favorite spot, Angst! No special plans to meet anyone, but you always do that when you got to Angst, so it was all gravy! Met Mis, Ansh, Agsss, Nassir, Ali etc etc.. Chilled there before getting a haircut at Razor Cuts with Ali. Finally, I look half decent.. hahaa.

 photo _DSC9550_zps2d75a7f7.jpg
The Don Dutta.

 photo _DSC9552_zps15821ef9.jpg

 photo _DSC9555_zps77a7575f.jpg
Nothing Was The Same.

 photo _DSC9557_zps30c31f52.jpg

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 photo _DSC9577_zps3a0f53fc.jpg

Then it was off to meet up with Anders to take the remaining pictures for his Amatør "MTHR NRTH" lookbook. Turned out pretty dope. I make like.

 photo _DSC9581_zpsfdbe4032.jpg
 photo _DSC9735_zps6c8f58f7.jpg

 photo _DSC9821_zps1071a77d.jpg
Pow pow.

 photo _DSC9834_zps11615008.jpg

 photo _DSC9846_zpsaeb87906.jpg
 photo _DSC9851_zps8d1e2c2b.jpg

After taking pics, Jas, Ali, Arif, and me went to Agsss to chill with the others of Torshov HQ. Just like old times. A good ol' kick back with good people and music. The guys only stayed there for an hour before we headed to Goodshit Radio where Arif had an interview. Always awesome to meet the folks of GS Radio! Big ups to you guys!

 photo _DSC9898_zps193aa3a6.jpg
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Torshawww, for shawww.

 photo _DSC9964_zps1fac9b52.jpg photo _DSC9974_zps6d9dc478.jpg
 photo _DSC9980_zps39d66e38.jpg
 photo _DSC9988_zpsd92206b4.jpg
S/O Don Martin, Sicky, and Hans! S/O Klunk too!

The night ended up with a slight visit back at Torshov, editing the Amatør pics, and drinks at Angst. Winning.

 photo _DSC9990_zps7b9e8002.jpg
 photo _DSC0002_zpsdffb9d8f.jpg

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Work. The 15th is going to be great!

The weekend was off to a flying start.