1-2-3… the hotdogs are ready!!

Yes. I my job is pretty awesome. I take pictures for a living. Very very nice. Its at its best when I get to take pictures of the products that has something to do with food. One of my favorite products these days must be the hotdog machine. Hah! Yup! A machine that cooks your hotdogs in some quick minutes. And it toasts your bread too. Good times haha. I make big like!

 photo _DSC0696_zps80f4848b.jpg
The legend.

 photo _DSC0754_zpsa99ee01a.jpg
 photo _DSC0754_zpsa99ee01a.jpg
 photo _DSC0719_zps50e2aa56.jpg
Easy as 1-2-3.

 photo _DSC0780_zps7513975d.jpg
 photo _DSC0781_zps95ea3749.jpg

 photo _DSC0788_zpsb4af1fdb.jpg
 photo _DSC0813_zps287bc2a6.jpg
Good life.

 photo _DSC0818_zps64523f94.jpg
Happy camper.

 photo _DSC0844_zps4d8e7ce7.jpg
I win. I have it on my desk. Haha. Dangerous.

S/o to Dingsy for hooking it up. Get it ----> HERE.