Since 4 am? Wow! Carmines recap.

The thirst was real on these joints. Everyone knew that already though. The first people there got there at 4 am, and by the time I was there at 8.30 am there was already 16 people. The tørn up was real! We all got our number so then we went for that mandatory McDonalds breakfast.. hah! The release went well as usual. Most people got what they needed. There are actually some sizes left. Probably hitting their online store as well. S/O to Stress for the drop. S/O to the Pinoy Mob for always being first. S/O to the usual suspects! S/O to the new people! S/O to #OSLOKICKS! Support your local bodega!

 photo _DSC3896_zpsd1af77ac.jpg
8.30 am.

 photo _DSC3900_zpsc0a09234.jpg
Real pinoys.

 photo _DSC3904_zpse619b25c.jpg
Usual suspects. Happy campers.

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Get them numbers.

 photo _DSC3917_zpsacaea36b.jpg
1,2, and 3.

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Campers. Andreas getting comfy.

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Congrats on getting your drivers license! Hah.

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Pinoy mob.

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 photo _DSC3958_zps91715d7d.jpg

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Young Man.

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 photo _DSC3993_zpscfd7ad4d.jpg
 photo _DSC3995_zps8ac39d57.jpg

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Job well done.