's very own… aka the Air Jordan Gatekeeper...

Stopped by my cousin Emz's work to see what was poppin'. These days she manages the newly renovated, takes all the photos and such. Good job cuz! Looks good! Got to see her work, and I must say you've learned fast. I gotta learn this photoshop thing haha. Stopped by at the right time too. Air Jordan shoot. Muahaha! Really surprised that they didn't all sell out this past weekend.

 photo _DSC0912_zpsr1vjvftn.jpg
Ze office.

 photo _DSC0913_zpsw9k1du0f.jpg
Vera Cruz with shoes.

 photo _DSC0914_zpslwsoxvrx.jpg

 photo _DSC0917_zpsdb2lb2yo.jpg
Chocolate break.

 photo _DSC0925_zpsm9limllq.jpg
J's on deck.

 photo _DSC0927_zpsnzrtsplp.jpg
My favorite from the past release! Beautiful!

 photo _DSC0931_zpsd197d2ah.jpg
Wings logo for the win.

 photo _DSC0935_zpsrmhdrpbt.jpg
Who got that work!?

 photo _DSC0945_zpsu668e4py.jpg

 photo _DSC0957_zpselxqsxap.jpg
Favorite Air Jordan sole ever. It even gives you a history lesson. Haha.

 photo _DSC0963_zpstqpaltmv.jpg
Aiaiaiai! Be sure to stop by Stress, as mentioned they still got some in stock.. weird if you ask me. The quality on these remastered joints are siiick!

 photo _DSC0969_zpsur7qesud.jpg
Keep it up Emz!

Sneakers ruined my life… haha.