Quick sesh before food

Yesterday we celebrated the homie Daaags born day. While waiting for the food, we decided to catch some flicks. I've always wanted to shoot there after I saw some pics online of the restaurants gaming room. I actually saw Jay shoot some flicks there too. Had to see what was good with it. Thanks to Rifla, Emilio, and Rari for standing in front of the camera as usual. And happy bday Z!

 photo _DSC6612_zpsnuhy3gqp.jpg
 photo _DSC6614_zpsk7m2a39r.jpg

 photo _DSC6632_zpsaqtty2tv.jpg

 photo _DSC6642_zpsbdydt3i8.jpg

 photo _DSC6660_zpsu1k32zlz.jpg

 photo _DSC6663_zps4qv4xqy4.jpg
 photo _DSC6664_zps09fc60fe.jpg
 photo _DSC6622_zps75etz6aj.jpg
Dope boyz.