All work before play.

Before the Elle party, it was all work though. On Wednesday we did a shoot for the Fanta x Nora project. It turned out pretty good. The whole team did their thing, and its going to be exciting to show all of you guys what we ended up with! S/O Nora Collective for always pushing things forward in this game. Very very nice. Whole Wednesday was all about that project. Ended the day with a little run at Grytelokket with the homie Stæger.

 photo _DSC7872_zpsxqbjcro2.jpg

 photo _DSC9529_zps2zcdtxpi.jpg
 photo _DSC9526_zpse2odebyg.jpg

 photo _DSC9511_zpsnwlnvla1.jpg
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 photo _DSC9506_zpspykdzan9.jpg
Hjemløs og Deilig tour soon. Catch him @philemil

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Sam that eat together, stay together.

 photo _DSC0369_zpswnvhgxuo.jpg
Stægz. Always working.

 photo _DSC0374_zps4dmnhuja.jpg

Thursday was also a shoot day. This time around it was with Emir. It was mu second round shooting with him, with styling help from Jostein. Good times. Always a pleasure to hang with Sushi aka Emir. Ended the shoot with a dinner again at Vietnam House. Later on I ended the day with a nice round of some basketball again. S/O Bones and Sushi for a good run.

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 photo _DSC0815_zpskv0wxi4g.jpg
 photo _DSC0817_zpsdybkb4iw.jpg
Round 2.

 photo _DSC0976_zpsulrhhlf7.jpg
Pictures going to be dope.

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Ball to you fall.

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 photo IMG_0012_zpslc6jrqhn.jpg
Isak aka King of Løkka.