Another busy day... but its all good!

Another day, another blogpost. Man it's weird being back on this platform, but I do like it. Thanks for all the love. And yes, the rumours are true, its up and running again.

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Late night dinner ftw. Mashed potatoes and meatballs at 1 am. Hah. S/O Karen!

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Oueff with that Big Little Lies.

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Need to hang these up asap.

Yesterday was rather hectic. Woke up early and edited pictures as usual. Did some packing for this weeks trip, and then I headed down to Stress Kirkegata to take some pics of the new Carrots that they've received in the shop. Finally this brand is in stores here in Oslo. Its been popping for some time now, and its nice to have it here. S/O Niclas for always bringing the heat overseas. Met up with my cousin Emz to take the pics. Thanks for modelling..hehe.

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After that I went to a meeting, and lets keep our fingers crossed that what went down there, actually goes down!

Right after that meeting I ended up stopping my YME to say what's up to Niclas who was in town. Thank you for the gift good sir! CARROTS for me too!

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Thank you!

 photo _DSC8399_zps7vnlyvdd.jpg

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Kick game proper.

It was just a quick meet, before I met up with Snaasa again to finish up our little project that were working on. Its looking pretty awesome. Good job sir! Get at him if you need any illustration work done!

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Talented people. S/O my inner circle.

Then I had to split and buy myself a new toy for the trip. S/O Five for the plug, and Soggiu for talking sense into my head. Finally got my 35mm back. So sharrrrp.

 photo _DSC8421_zpscg4uckux.jpg

Got myself home, just to pack, and then down to John Dee to shoot my homies from Lyse Netter. They had their first ever concert. Good job guys! Can't wait to shoot you guys even more.

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Had to down this before the concert. Haha. Guess where its from.

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Lyse Netter.

Straight after that I met up with Karen, and we jumped on the bus to Copenhagen. Its nice here! Its going to be some good days "without work". Hah.