Holzweiler at CPHFW recap

Its kinda been a long time since I've updated the blog this frequently. I've forgot how much time it actually takes. So sorry for not always getting the daily blurbs out quickly enough.

So yeah, I was in CPH the past couple of days. It was mostly just a trip with Karen, checking out her scene and experiencing how it goes down at these Fashion Weeks that I always see and hear about. However, the first day I also go to work some. Obviously theres no vacation without a little bit of work. The Norwegian brand Holzweiler was having a showcase on their new SS18 line. I got to be the behind the scenes photographer there. S/o them man. The whole show was dope. Big s/o to their team, especially my homie Duy who designed his first collection for them. Them tracksuits looking real nice. It was cool to experience this type of backstage. How everything is just calm in one moment, and then complete controlled chaos when its about to start an everybody has to change etc. But yeah. Congrats. It was a good show.

 photo _DSC0028_zps1yvoel7v.jpg
 photo _DSC0094_zpsv2n5kcrp.jpg
 photo _DSC0101_zpspvubkryc.jpg
 photo _DSC0127_zpsuzi9ltip.jpg
 photo _DSC9995_zpsrpeoj6eh.jpg
 photo _DSC9938_zpsfad0hfsq.jpg
 photo _DSC9675_zps61meqjut.jpg
Some BTS right before show time.

 photo _DSC0149_zpsuq9eyvnx.jpg
The legendary Erin Wasson walked for them too!

 photo _DSC0058 copy_zpsujyxgukc.jpg
Front row gang.

 photo _DSC9462_zpslax0itmt.jpg
I like this one a lot.

 photo _DSC9283_zpsvre4d0xo.jpg
Master Duy

 photo _DSC0177_zpsnmyswh2a.jpg

 photo _DSC0195_zpst85n7grx.jpg
 photo _DSC0210_zpszfbk65nq.jpg
Good job guys.

After the show, Karen took me to check out other brands as well. The only brand I already knew about was Han Kjøbenhavn. It was alright. I like the non-"catwalk" clothing that they have more then what they showed. It was cool though.

 photo _DSC0276_zpszzkfp3ti.jpg

 photo _DSC0286_zpsejoohoxi.jpg
Front row boys. Caliroots x Yme.

 photo _DSC0288_zpsuscjenlc.jpg
 photo _DSC0289_zpstcp4y7rv.jpg
Han Kjøbenhavn.

 photo _DSC0308_zpsx1je4ovu.jpg
Oueff met the legendary Mr. Goldstein. Hah.

Later on we met up with the Holzweiler people again, and they took the team and their peoples for a dinner. Thanks for having us! Got to meet some old friends and catch up with some newer ones. Good times.

 photo _DSC0333_zpshb1i8zff.jpg
Dinner time.

 photo _DSC0335_zpsfntvoouf.jpg
 photo _DSC0344_zpslxqfvcra.jpg
 photo _DSC0371_zpssymy2wj4.jpg
 photo _DSC0379_zps7j8auyzo.jpg
So fancy. And sooooo good!

 photo _DSC0362_zpstpfgxmg4.jpg
 photo _DSC0381_zpsbv1nqjgc.jpg
 photo _DSC0388_zpssg8gtjkw.jpg

 photo _DSC0418_zpscztqjpqa.jpg
Happy bday Lea! Hope you and Henrik had a good time! Nice to meet you guys again!

 photo _DSC0455_zpsjliiream.jpg
Gucci Golf.

 photo _DSC0470_zpsi8fjq4xw.jpg

 photo _DSC0474_zpsurjudap1.jpg
Met the homie Risvik again. Peep him on the gram. Nice. @FredrikRisvik

 photo _DSC0497_zpsufznt64o.jpg
Good times.

CPH day 1 was dope.