Såå Dyrt As - season 1, season 2 tomorrowwwww!

Before the summer I said yes to do a little YouTube series with my talented homie Galvan. Its called "Såå Dyrt As", which means sooo expensive. The show is basically me trying expensive things in Norway while hanging with cool peoples. Hah. Pretty stupid, but were just trying to have fun with it. And it actually seems like people like it. A bunch of people have seen it, and the feedback has been good. So we went on and started on a season 2.

Episode 1. 7000 kr kebab with Unge Ferrari.

Episode 2. 822 kr water with Dennis Vareide.

Episode 3. 20800kr per year for a facial mask with SandrathBeatuy.

Going to post episode 1 season 2 tomorrow!