Weekly recap, part 1

So yeah. This week has been hectic. Its back to reality for sure. So many gigs, and now I remember why I had to stop blogging. Hah. It takes time. However, I won't stop. Its been a lot of nice response since I started, so its motivating for sure. Thanks peoples.

The week started off with some shooting at YME, with Jas as usual. After that I went to meet the good folks at Uber Function. Just had to chat a bit with the homie Magana and set the plan for the future. When the meeting was done I met up with Snaasa for lunch. We just roamed around in the sun. Then I was supposed to take pictures at this movie set, but it didn't go through. Kinda sucks cause I had put aside the whole day for it. Dah well... Ill get to do it later on for sure anyways. Best thing I did with the extra time was to go out and play ball the rest of the day. WIN!

 photo _DSC5710_zpsedl1aw4w.jpg
Sneakers saved our lives.

 photo _DSC5773_zpsdjgxvuvw.jpg
Daaaaags showed up at YME.

 photo _DSC5823_zpsxvll6to3.jpg

 photo _DSC5824_zpsmvkfcxdu.jpg
Ooooooo. Mike's work in the magzzz.

 photo _DSC5832_zpsyu5o9xk5.jpg
 photo _DSC5834_zpssxyzzqfa.jpg
Good ol' student burger.

 photo _DSC5846_zpskzyynnmf.jpg
My brothers.

 photo _DSC5853_zpsurvvbtv3.jpg
This is going to be dope.

 photo _DSC5857_zpsrcopdpuc.jpg
Macaroni soup ftw. Hah.

Tuesday was more work. Went early to do a little thing at Theatercafeen. Can't wait to show you. AlsoKnownAs is everywhere now. Haha. Remember to follow us -----> HERE. After that I met up with the guys at Rockefeller where we did a little surprise gig. It felt good to be back with a gig with the guys. It was even better when we went out to eat at this spot called Nikay. 7 dishes for the win! The gig went really well. The machine is ready for Saturdays big gig! After the gig I met up with Snaasa and the gang to celebrate his birthday. T├śRN UP haha. It started pouring, but that didn't stop us. Especially not Snaasa. Hahaha. Good vibes. Congrats sir. More power to you.

 photo _DSC6027_zpssdjpcwyu.jpg
Theatercafeen for the win.

 photo _DSC6444_zpshlfbmuk5.jpg
 photo _DSC6445_zps3v0wvmm0.jpg
 photo _DSC6446_zpsdvf704ym.jpg
 photo _DSC6447_zpspjffti9o.jpg
 photo _DSC6451_zpscl81ttth.jpg
 photo _DSC6455_zpsz5ge7hpb.jpg
 photo _DSC6457_zpsifrbdezm.jpg
 photo _DSC6484_zps4oeftgq4.jpg
1-7, and dessert. The Buns and chicken skewers won.

 photo _DSC6464_zpswn5fja2b.jpg

 photo _DSC6490_zpsbmobaobv.jpg
 photo _DSC7800_zps1c8decfe.jpg
 photo _DSC6516_zpsrszvl0gq.jpg
 photo _DSC7709_zpsddrxufxz.jpg
 photo _DSC6538_zpsjdxemr40.jpg
 photo _DSC7591_zpsaca9vdry.jpg
 photo _DSC7489_zps92eeadkt.jpg
 photo _DSC7307_zpsq36ea78k.jpg
 photo _DSC6812_zpsjtff8nfb.jpg
Karpe Diem.

 photo _DSC7474_zpsncknqvvy.jpg
Don't forget the pop-up on Saturday!

 photo _DSC7831_zpsvvtzcjhk.jpg

 photo _DSC7834_zpsmymmkni3.jpg

 photo _DSC7850_zps7gaizy4n.jpg
 photo _DSC7859_zpsgplgfpiz.jpg

More to come!