Nora Collective Pop-Up Shop!!

On Saturday was the big day. Thats when the family, Nora Collective had their pop-up shop at YME for their new merch collection. Before the store opened at 10, there were already people lined up and ready to cop theirs. It was dope to see how many people that pulled up. It was more dope to see how many different people there were. Young, older, all kinds of colors. Just like Nora Collective, a bag of M&M’s or like United Colors of Benetton if you may. A big s/o to the whole team for pulling this project through. A big s/o to Yunus, Zeshan, Nassir, and Henrik for gunning more than ever. Especially the homie Henrik. The lookbook turned out soo dope! S/O Trigger for letting the family do their thing. Hopefully we can do another round sooner than later.

 photo _DSC3653_zpsyi00tbsq.jpg
 photo _DSC3672_zpskgdeqnj6.jpg
Oooh. S/O YME for letting it all go down at their store.

 photo _DSC3675_zpsgvdisl7s.jpg

 photo _DSC3678_zps1pgim3md.jpg
 photo _DSC3680_zpslmz7ll0j.jpg
 photo _DSC3688_zps8zkbqwwv.jpg
 photo _DSC3691_zpsekfrbaci.jpg
 photo _DSC3708_zpsq0aqgzp2.jpg
 photo _DSC3715_zpsx9ggbs3o.jpg
 photo _DSC3900_zps5mhfoxda.jpg
 photo _DSC3919_zpsjyu40glf.jpg
Them kids were out there early.

 photo _DSC3751_zpsvry4iqtw.jpg

 photo _DSC3694_zps4ibuqbhe.jpg
Vimo always ready to document.

 photo _DSC3916_zpsonrufdzp.jpg
 photo _DSC3698_zpsdeqac5ms.jpg
 photo _DSC3744_zpstzdctrol.jpg
 photo _DSC3796_zpsxb8hobph.jpg
 photo _DSC3799_zpsdgkrymxj.jpg

 photo _DSC3700_zpsmpwobg2c.jpg

 photo _DSC3750_zpsgarcn3s0.jpg

 photo _DSC3725_zps3mctfjlz.jpg
 photo _DSC3887_zpsmhddxijo.jpg
 photo _DSC3930_zpst81gooii.jpg
Meet & Greets were arranged too.

 photo _DSC3730_zpsn2aimn4s.jpg
 photo _DSC3738_zps9fhon7om.jpg
 photo _DSC3927_zpsuuwce9yj.jpg
 photo _DSC3944_zpsaibttfb3.jpg
That scarf though.

 photo _DSC3954_zpsgwluhizm.jpg
Kjekk Knight.

 photo _DSC3759_zpspgmzmyos.jpg
My pictures. Hurray.

 photo _DSC3779_zpsxktpedz7.jpg
 photo _DSC3781_zpsdky0mi9s.jpg
O.G merch.

 photo _DSC3802_zpsogj0whsy.jpg
Lido and D pulled up too.

 photo _DSC3841_zpsvmdhvmzz.jpg
Los Angeles finest hehe.

 photo _DSC3847_zpsz7knhewh.jpg
Always working.

 photo _DSC3851_zpsjiso3ntc.jpg

 photo _DSC3868_zpsnpokl5jt.jpg
Do it for the gram Bones.

 photo _DSC3885_zpsoozqvqpb.jpg
Cutest man alive.

 photo _DSC3895_zps01dzrayq.jpg
The Swedish connect.

Ok bye!

Ps. Be sure to check the pictures from the shenanigans that happened later that night; Part 1 and Part 2