Thursday was a day filled with a whole lot of good people. Didn't have much work, but had some errands. It wasn't to hectic at all, and the best thing was that everywhere I went I met good peoples.

Started it off by hitting up the nice boutiques that Oslo has to offer. Had to take pictures of them for a little top 3 thing I'm making. S/O Hunting Lodge, Lokk Shop, and F5.

 photo _DSC0008_zpsex4kp3cn.jpg
 photo _DSC0030_zpspdzsb9bb.jpg
Very nice.

Before F5 I had to hit up the LBS office to take some pictures of the new pins we made for Karpe Diem. Pretty dope. Make sure to check them out at www.jensogjens.no. Then I met up with Mike and Emilio for some lunch Banh Mi.

 photo _DSC0063_zpsihfxzaoj.jpg
Very nice. S/o Pinsvin.

 photo _DSC0074_zpskbhu98pw.jpg
Banh Mi ftw.

 photo _DSC0084_zps1dlj0vm1.jpg
 photo _DSC0089_zpsn1kkqawv.jpg
 photo _DSC0090_zpsdfhrwyod.jpg
Creative minds. Mike made the new Allerede cover for Arif, and Emilio makes bangers as usual.

 photo _DSC0110_zpsvdasaxpz.jpg
Pitstop to Høyer to say whats up to Andreas.

 photo _DSC0136_zpsgio8aa0e.jpg
Jas joined to F5.

 photo _DSC0137_zpskzzaz49m.jpg
Alex, one of the owners. Legend.

 photo _DSC0150_zpsavgdv732.jpg
Swung by Livid across the street. Welcome to Oslo guys.

 photo _DSC0157_zpsw3pymmiv.jpg
They also have a vintage section.

Then we went to Steen & Strøm to meet up with Arif, Victor and Karen. Before getting our grub on at Tommi's. And theeeeen.. swinging by the APC store opening. A warm welcome to you guys too!

 photo _DSC0166_zpso1yozbb4.jpg

 photo _DSC0185_zps8bcrccld.jpg
Mr. Spektrum.

 photo _DSC0197_zpsilthnukr.jpg
Met Aon on the way to catch some food.

 photo _DSC0201_zpsjy9fkzhs.jpg
The best girl.

 photo _DSC0204_zps1ohq5ci4.jpg
Met Tina!

 photo _DSC0213_zps20ul0n50.jpg
Pimp your burger at Tommi's.

 photo _DSC0215_zpstbw6r0z2.jpg
 photo _DSC0221_zpscjcfhmdi.jpg
 photo _DSC0225_zpsklypbkjv.jpg
 photo _DSC0231_zpsaaxlzquu.jpg

 photo _DSC0241_zpshrmqtcjm.jpg
Food coma.

 photo _DSC0253_zpsssve1xrj.jpg
Met Susanne who was signing some photos she took. Thanks for my copies!

 photo _DSC0260_zpsbfhhwaqo.jpg
Met Yosef and Mayoo. They were to into the conversation.

 photo _DSC0265_zpshszhgz3a.jpg
Met Abu!

 photo _DSC0271_zpsdcrvoxxz.jpg
As you can see, Yosef was happy to see me. Punk.

 photo _DSC0274_zpsvypzahan.jpg

 photo _DSC0280_zpslcen6ucr.jpg
 photo _DSC0291_zpsl6hb14mo.jpg
 photo _DSC0292_zpsydagtr4z.jpg
 photo _DSC0302_zpsoimhpjkv.jpg
 photo _DSC0320_zpslnm55pz9.jpg
 photo _DSC0367_zpsqhwpxwaa.jpg
 photo _DSC0384_zpsujttalfr.jpg

 photo _DSC0390_zpst8k2cwsx.jpg
 photo _DSC0324_zpstvcp9gbw.jpg
Very nice. Persona ftw.

 photo _DSC0285_zpsxbe1p3fi.jpg

 photo _DSC0329_zpsuv3uijfl.jpg
 photo _DSC0336_zpslndfoepi.jpg
Anna of the North.

 photo _DSC0349_zpsdkmqy1lk.jpg

 photo _DSC0356_zps2dpdkofe.jpg
 photo _DSC0386_zpsvixnm34n.jpg

Ended the day with some basketball with Bones. Killed it. S/O for the off the backboard game winner. I felt like I was in the NBA for at least one second.

 photo IMG_0003_zpsyr3wckpj.jpg
Haha.. craziest jersey ever haha. I was raining threes. Hah.

 photo IMG_0005_zpsbx896pcr.jpg

 photo IMG_0006_zpsvaruuocu.jpg
Fishsticks and macaroni haha.

Ok bye.