akam1k3 presents: "StianSicky's OLD vs NEW" #4


OLD vs NEW #4:
Yeah, it's the fourth edition now and we going steady. Today I've picked out one of my favourite oldschool tracks, Shook Ones Pt. II. First up we got the Infamous Mobb Deep(Prodigy acclaims they are the inventors in hip-hop of the word «Infamous»). Shook Ones Pt. II is from the classic album ''The Infamous'' which is a must-have if you're a hip-hop head. Mobb Deep recently got released from the contract with G-Unit, and they have leaked a track with NAS and they appeared on Jay Electronica's new single, so they are obviously on the right track again. My newschool contender is the son of legendary Rev Run from Run DMC, and he is also the nephew of Russel Simmons. He impressed on the BET Cypher last year, and got the future in he's hands. The Shook Ones remix is a track from the ''Past, Present, Future'' mixtape, hosted by DJ Premier. He was one of the 2011 XXL Freshmens aswell and got co-signed by Kanye West, Lupe Fiasco and Premo.


Well, this is actually two very different tracks, but they are done at the same age. Mobb Deep were 19 and Diggy was 15 when he dropped his track. The Infamous got that gutter Queens 1995-sound, while Diggy goes in with impressive flow and good lyrics. I remember Dreamon was sure that Diggy had a ghostwriter for this track, i'm not so sure about that though. But, gotta hand this one to Mobb Deep. The raps and the whole ''mood'' of the lyrics etc fits the beat perfectly. Prodigy goes so hard that your ears get dirty after listenin'. Havoc got good lyrics aswell, and he is one of my favourite producers who raps. BUT, you really got to give it up for Diggy aswell. It's hard enough to use a beat like Shook Ones, but he makes it worth listening. Good wordplay and some nice metaphors there. This is a evidence to the people sayin' Diggy is a toy-rapper, he ain't pretendin' to be from the ghetto or being hard as hell? AND you can't deny the fact that the kid got bars? I'm sure we will be hearing alot from Diggy Simmons. And I really hope Mobb Deep's new album gonna be crazy. Peace.

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Photo: Hanna Olsen