akam1k3 presents: "StianSicky's OLD vs NEW" #10


OLD vs NEW #10:
Ayeee. Today I picked out an up and coming artist, and a not so known whiteboy from the 90s. Miilkbone from New Jersey got 2 releases on his back, one album from 95' and one from 2001. The first album ''Da' Miilkcrate'' is his most known, and the track of the day is on that album. ''Keep It Real'' is the name of it, probably most known for being used by Big L and Jay-Z on the famous freestyle ''7 Minute Freestyle''. The contender is more known these days, Freddie Gibbs who was in Norway this summer appearing at ''Hovefestivalen''. He's signed to CTE, a record label started by Young Jeezy. He got 4 albums coming up(with cats like Madlib and Alchemist), and recently released a EP with Madlib. His most known work is the EP ''Str8 Killa'' from 2010. The track of today, ''The Ghetto'' was featured on his mixtape ''Str8 Killa No Filla''.


I love both of these tracks. Miilkbone got classic flow and ill metaphors, and he brings neat references to the table. I also like the scratches in the hook(AZ from Life's a Bitch by NAS). His ''rhyme-technique'' is very New York 1994, and that fits the beat perfectly. What's also very recognizable is his body language, we don't see that these days. I like the wayvard and the approximation he got to the beat(who is made by Mufi). Freddie Gibbs is a different type of rapper. He's from the south, but he doesn't got that typical South sound. He's like a mixture of every coast. I really dig the flow he brings to the table on this track, and the theme is something many people can relate to. He goes in on different obsticles and so-called ''rolemodels'' he had to face growing up. What i don't like, are some of the played out ''background-sounds'', it really ain't necessary. What's good, is that he kept a ''red thread'' from the Miilkbone version, Gangsta Gibbs did justice to the beat. Time to get a decision, and i'm struggling with deciding. The Gibbs version has really growed on me the past year, but the Miilkbone version I've been bumpin' forever. It's close to a draw, but I think i'm gonna go with Miilkbone. It's a 55% - 45% ..


What do you think!?

Photo: Hanna Olsen

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