HAPPY HOLIDAYS peoples! We are heading towards the end of 2011, and I must say its been an amazing ride this whole year. So much good times has happened and I forever grateful for that. Hard work truly pays off. However, I can't forget that another major reason for this years good times is all the support and love I have been given from all of you guys. Thank you thank you.

And since its the season to share and care I figured that I would try to do so. With help of some other good people (Icon Distribution) I have managed to put together an X-Mas calendar where you, the readers, can win prizes everyday all the way to Christmas(December 24th). Somedays the prizes are small, somedays they are bigger, somedays they are soft, sometimes they are hard. The only way to find out and win is to check out the (easy)task of the day and try your luck! Thanks again, and I hope you will enjoy.

Happy Holidays from akam1k3