X-Mas with akam1k3: December 3rd edt.

Alright alright! The second winner of the x-mas calendar is... *drumroll* *drumroll*....

The task was to guess the number that I sent to my mother which was a number between 1-100. And the number I thought off was:


and the person who guessed that was.... Daniii! She guessed 77!! Congrats to you! Send me an e-mail with your address on it, and I will ship you your price asap! Thanks to everyone for joining the fun. Much appreciated, don't give up. More prizes!

Only the second price of many, and like I said... the prices will differ. Sometimes its this, sometimes its that. You will never know... Keep it up!

Task of December 3rd:
I know for sure since its Saturday that the prize is different this time around! And again... I feel like I want to cut people some slack, so again I want to keep it eeeeeaaaaasssyyyy... All you gotta do is write a comment with your email and why you read the blog. I will pick out the best comment. Thanks for joining! Good luck!

December 3nd.

Happy Holidays, akam1k3!