...With the fam of course.

Finally got to hang with some of my cousins. I haven't been able to do that lately, because of everything that has been going on. It was a great way to end the weekend. We all met up at Taste of China to eat some nice Asian food. Dim sum ftw! Swear I ate way to much, but thats how I roll.. hah. It was awesome to catch up with the fam. And we ended it all with some drinks next door. And now that the tour is done, I'm pretty sure that it won't be too long till next time. Vera Cruz ftw.

 photo DSC_2823_zps9796f769.jpg
Hit list.

 photo DSC_2831_zps4dfcae30.jpg
 photo DSC_2842_zps32edd8ab.jpg
Waiting game.

 photo DSC_2832_zps441fe4d2.jpg
But happy...

 photo DSC_2841_zpsa4b06040.jpg
Well at least some of us.

 photo DSC_2840_zps43813820.jpg

 photo DSC_2846_zps742c6e63.jpg
Chicken cakeeeee!

 photo DSC_2848_zpsbb855d8a.jpg
Tower of dim sum.

 photo DSC_2850_zps92979d10.jpg

 photo DSC_2852_zps6eaf2dd6.jpg

 photo DSC_2854_zps0272405b.jpg
Now she's happy. And Mimi is ready.. hah.

 photo DSC_2855_zps3296f787.jpg

 photo DSC_2859_zps7b638e21.jpg
S/O to the ducks!

 photo DSC_2862_zps54db51b5.jpg
Attack mode.

 photo DSC_2868_zps8b73bab2.jpg
Happy campers.

 photo DSC_2873_zps3c5438d9.jpg
On instagram straight flexxin'.

 photo DSC_2879_zpseebf79d4.jpg

 photo DSC_2880_zps49228044.jpg
 photo DSC_2884_zps56a9abb5.jpg
 photo DSC_2885_zps0612c7fa.jpg
 photo DSC_2891_zps0e993031.jpg
 photo DSC_2892_zps554b784f.jpg
Surround yourself with good people.. Agsss you were missed. So were youuuuuuuuu!

Next time soooon.