Yes! Its back! The infamous "what-I-ate-for-dinner-post". Hah! Its been forever since I posted something like this. Mostly because of the busy schedule I had. However, like I've mentioned in the past posts... the tour is over.. and I have to much time on my hands now.. hah.

Good thing you have good people to use it on. Yesterday me and the homie Grace made some dinner and watched weird proposal videos and flash mob vids.. hah. Pretty random. The highlight was mos def the dinner. A curry chili chicken stew with rice and garlic nanbread with way to much cheese on top. BOOM! Good times. Thanks for ze good company!

 photo DSC_3020_zps165befcf.jpg
 photo DSC_3022_zpseec51058.jpg
 photo DSC_3023_zps3a49b153.jpg
 photo DSC_3024_zpseb6b2788.jpg
 photo DSC_3025_zps12f6091c.jpg
Easy as 1,2...

 photo DSC_3026_zps0e615652.jpg
 photo DSC_3029_zpsd38dc036.jpg
 photo DSC_3028_zpsfbede79c.jpg

Here is one of the videos we saw.. this one is pretty crazy;

The dude went all out on his proposal.. hah. A little over the top or?