ART TALKS @ Caféteateret ft. Aon +++, November 20th

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On Wednesday the homie Aon is Invited to an interview and performance at Nordic Blacks event at Caféteateret. The event is Art Talks once again! Good times! Here, Aon will be showing the short film, "Rimbok", that Christopher Helberg and him made earlier this year. He will also go deeper into the society related topics that are enlightened in each of the four parts of the film.

Rumors are that the whole film is being released in one piece.

Come through art talks! BAWS.

More on the event ----> HERE.

Aon is not the only one who will be talking about his craft;

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Said Dibaj, Aon BAWS, Ahmad Umar, Jamal Miad & Ahmed Dadi for Art Talks November 20th, 8 pm! Join the fun!